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About the Instructor

On the path of life, I have found yoga to be an accessible practice to connect the body and mind, to open and explore that which we tune out over time, that which we feel a disconnect from, our true Self. As we are swept up with daily life we have "no time" for ourselves. Many feel somehow lost, a sense that something is missing within. 

As the voice inside is silenced over time, the whispers from the essence of our true Self are once again heard with the continued practice of yoga. With the practice of Yoga Nidra we are able to connect with our true Self by eliminating external stimuli and allowing the rebalancing of the physical body. 

In Yoga Nidra one can consciously create what one needs in the physical world using visualization practices which ultimately manifest in one's life. Empowering the ability to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical traumas in this quiet practice of stillness and release. Bringing balance within allows for better balance in your life.

Yoga Nidra has allowed me to experience the interconnectedness within myself and the space around me. It has allowed me to visualize within and beyond my physical boundaries, to connect with the subtle body. Yoga Nidra has helped decrease my pain and stress, instilled a deeper level of empathy, improved my ability to greet situations as they arise without judgment, and gives me a place of patience within when dealing with the challenges of today's society. I practice Yoga Nidra to heal my traumas, to promote balance in my life, to be present in the moment. 

Many use this practice to manifest self healing and experience peace within. 

I share this practice to empower the ability to facilitate healing for yourself and others. With continued practice it sustains my ability to move forward on my own path from a place of acceptance, compassion, and love. Helping others to heal helps us to heal, as an individual, as a society, as a whole. 

Alexis Michele Crook (Lexi) is a California College of Ayurveda Yoga Nidra Certified Instructor (teacher trainer) and CCA Yoga Nidra teacher. 

Education includes a B.S. in Exercise Science, CCA Yoga Nidra Instructor certification, Sound Healing Therapy, Kidding Around Yoga certified teacher, 200 hr yoga teacher program. As a mother, teacher trainer, conscious creator, and healing facilitator I utilize complementary practices to facilitate healing and share Yoga Nidra with my community to engage the ability for us to heal together. None of us are alone on this planet. Let us come together to know we are all one.

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